Sunday, October 27, 2013

Craving Chocolate

Yesterday was a sad day for me.
Closing up the screen porch for another season. Moving all the lawn furniture into it and then putting up plastic.
Closing it all away until April or May.
That's a LONG LONG time.
Means the beautiful outdoor weather is really wrapping up.
And must be the sadness that is causing me to CRAVE chocolate.

Something like this.
Or this:
Or even this.
I don't want anything fancy or formal.
I just want delicious gooey chocolate.
Substantial chocolate, not just a nibble.
The warm days of reading on my screen porch seem like a long time off with our crisp late October weather.
But chocolate and these cooler temperatures seem to go together.
Maybe today I'll have to whip something up.
What are you doing today?

1 comment:

Tracy said...

I have a group of friends that meet up once a month. We sit around and eat chocolate together. The favourite so far is balsamic vinegar truffles :)
Unfortunately we are entering the summer here in Australia, so chocolate will be a no-no - it really doesn't do well in 40C temps!