Monday, November 29, 2021

Just About the End of November

 Hi everyone. Happy new week to you.

Today I want to share my last journal page for Chris's All Kinds of Weather challenge at Art Journal Journey. Thanks Chris for being such a great host. I really enjoyed this challenge, especially since  weather is something that is often on our minds.  I had a lot of fun making pages about all kinds of atmospheric conditions.

Since the end of November definitely chills down here in New Hampshire, and since we are now in "snow" season,  I thought I would share this wintry page.

I started off with a Gelli print that had a lot of white space and also also some blue leaves on it. The leaves weren't really clear, and the blue was dark, so it had me thinking winter.

I added this lady I cut out of a recycled fashion magazine. I changed her face (mainly because I tried to paint over the first one and that didn't work), and I gave her a big flounce of blowing pink hair.  I stamped the snowflake in several shades of blue around the background and then I used some tiny word stamps and stamped those randomly around my page. 

I am also linking up to Art Every Day Month, day 29. Only one more  day to go. Didn't we just start this challenge?

And I don't know about you, but after some cold weather, I want to see something a little warmer. Here's a few more photos from our California trip.

These were taken in Joshua Tree National Park, about 2 hours east of Los Angeles in the desert. 

I'll share some more views and more of the park later in the week. 

Hope your week starts off in a good way.


Angie's Recipes said...

I love that blue coat :-)

Valerie-Jael said...

Such lovely photos from California, that must be a wonderful place to wander. A bit of warmth here would be appreciated. Hmmm, I'm never satisfied, it's either too hot or too cold! I love the wintry page with the lady in blue, I love those colours she's wearing, I often wear this colour combo myself! Have a great day, take care! Hugs, Valerie

CJ Kennedy said...

It's Brrrr this morning. Did you get snow? We didn't, and I'm not complaining. I like the woman's bright, blue coat and suitcase, er, hand bag. She looks like she's bundled up against the cold. Stay warm!

craftytrog said...

A beautiful wintry page Erika, I love that blue coat!
Great photos from the park too.
Happy new week.

R's Rue said...

Your photos are always stunning my friend. Thank you for sharing.

Empire of the Cat said...

Love your wintery background Erika and your girl's blue and pink ensemble. Thanks for sharing the Joshua Tree photos, I would love to see it in person, didn't make it there last time I was out that way. Happy AEDM! Elle/EOTC xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful journal page, Erika. I think it is brilliant the subtle way you stamped the words. This is a great final page for Chris's theme at Art Journal Journey. Thank you for such a lovely ending to the AJJ month.

California desert photos always cheer me. Love the cacti, the succulents, and the palms. These are wonderful photos that could only be taken in the southwest.

Yes, I have seen Twister. Saw it on TV, but it is quite accurate in the equipment and the storm chasing. I did it for two years in my spare time when I lived in MO. and loved it. I figured if I was going to be in them (five active tornadoes before and by the time I was 15), I might as well get to know and understand them better. I didn't exactly "chase" the tornadoes like they did in the movie. I was assigned a certain area to watch (usually between two and five miles). If I spotted what I thought was a tornado, I was to notify the team leader who had very sophisticated equipment (much like what you saw in the movie). I had a camera, binoculars, night vision binoculars (still have them), and a CB radio/walkie-talkie (old school, but after all, it has been nearly 30 years and so much has changed since then).

I would do it again in a heartbeat, but we don't get many tornadoes in Wichita. Mostly hail, lightening, high winds, and straight line winds. That takes a very different skill set and ones in which I am NOT willing to involve myself. I don't want a dinged car, broken windshield, or to get hit by lightening. I WOULD, however, join a team of tornado storm chasers, if I ever found an active one in Wichita.

NatureFootstep said...

you did a great job with the lady.
I love all the sticky cactus plants and palm trees. Ugly-beautiful, nasty-friendly at the same time. :) Strange, right??

Lowcarb team member said...

I love the blue coat, it's fabulous.
I enjoyed your photographs.

All the best Jan

Divers and Sundry said...

I like that lady's colors! A bright spot is what we need :)

Meggymay said...

Beautiful photos of your trip away, it looks lovely warm weather in contrast to the fabulous page you shared. That blue coat looks so cosy to wear in cold and stormy weather.
Yvonne xx