Monday, April 25, 2022

T Stands for A Mom Visit

 Hi everyone. 

Happy Tuesday once again. The weeks are flying by, aren't they? This is the last Tuesday in April, already!

We've been having true spring New Hampshire weather lately, colder mornings and days in the 50 to 60 degree range (10 to about 16 degrees C). We have had a lot of wind lately, cold wind too. It's been good walking weather though, but I am waiting (impatiently) to finish my raking for a day when the wind isn't so bad.  I want to get some mulching done in a few of my gardens so I need to finish raking. Plus I have more bees coming next week and I've had to get my new hive ready. Life may not be wild and exciting, but it has been busy.

Some of my daffodils are  blooming in my garden.❤

This past weekend my husband brokered a nice compromise with my daughter. She wanted to meet me at Costco to get another new pair of glasses. I have the Costco membership so she needs me to get into the optical shop inside the store. (For those of you not familiar with Costco: My daughter doesn't need me to buy her glasses, just to get  in as Costco is one of those membership stores, much like Sam's Club or BJ's Wholesale, where they buy items in bulk lots and then you get discounted prices but must have a  paid membership card to enter.)

I didn't mind going to Costco as the dogs favorite treats were on finally back on sale, and it was time to stock up. But I was also due a visit to my 92 years old mom who lives 2+ hours away. One of the ways I can drive to my mother's goes right by Costco, which is 1+ hours away. I had mentioned to my husband about wanting to combine my trip to my mother's with Costco due to the price of gas, which like most places, is high right now. 

The hubby had been on the phone with our daughter, and he mentioned what I had said about combining trips. Next thing I know I got a text from my daughter saying we should just do both things and go Saturday. That worked for me. I get company driving down to my mother's, my daughter gets to see her grandmother, and then on the way home we can go to Costco.

We had a nice visit with my mom, and before our stop at Costco we had lunch at the 99, which is a New England chain of restaurants.

My at the moment favorite meal there is this fajita bowl. It is more of a salad as there is no tortilla, but it has warm rice, beans, some grilled veggies, corn, and chicken (or you could pick beef or shrimp) , as well as some cold lettuce, guacamole, and chopped tomatoes.  You can see my drink which was a Diet Coke as I needed a caffeine boost at that point.  That's my link to T this week over at Bleubeard's and Elizabeth's blog.

I treated my daughter to lunch. She treated me to dessert after Costco when we stopped at a Cumbl Cookie  shop.  I had never had a Crumbl cookie before.

In my photo I was trying to show how big and thick my chocolate chip cookie was. This treat was a bit pricey, but it was a really yummy cookie, served warm. It had a real buttery taste to it. Just like I needed caffeine to fight the Saturday crowds at Costco, I needed the sugar boost to drive the rest of the way home since after our cookie dessert, I dropped my daughter off at the Park N' Ride. From that point on we drive over an hour in opposite directions.

One thing during our drive that made me smile was this view. If any of you are Star Wars or Mandalorian fans,  I followed this jeep quite a way down the highway. My daughter snapped this photo, but having Grogu (also know as the Child, and yes, for those of you who don't follow the show, he does look a lot like Yoda) looking at me while I drove was a little discerning. But I did have a good laugh also.

That's about all for me today.
Wishing everyone a wonderful T day and week ahead. Thanks also for visiting.


kathyinozarks said...

Hello Erika, sounds like a perfect outing with your daughter, visit your Mom, errands at Costco and out to eat-sounded like good family time too.
I have never lived near a Costco store, many years ago Sams club wasn't too far away and worked out well for our home business too-we have had the card for over 30 years now. I just buy online now as the Sams stores are over an hour away and I don't like to drive much.
Hoping for good weather when your new bees arrives-have you opened up the other hive?
Happy T

Kate Yetter said...

Beautiful daffodils!
So wonderful that you were able to spend time with your daughter and mother in one trip.
I used to have a Bj's membership but I couldn't get out of there without spending hundreds of dollars.They had so many great deals. I never thought of going there for glasses but such a great idea.
We are Mandalorian fans and LOVE Grogu!
Happy Tea Day,

Linda Kunsman said...

Gorgeous shots of the daffodils! Great way to get several stops in in one- yes, especially with the freakin gas prices:(. So wonderful to go with your daughter on a fun (albeit long) day to visit your mom, get the shopping in, and have delicious food as well. Happy T day!

Carola Bartz said...

So nice that you could have this outing with your daughter AND see your mom. This sounds perfect to me. That cookie looks so delicious, but I also imagine that you're quite full after that. But oh! how yummy!

Mae Travels said...

Costco is such an institution all over the country! Our nearest one for a long time was an hour away too -- but then they opened 10 minutes from our house. If only some of the packages of goods were a bit smaller, though, so I could buy thm for just 2 people.

best... mae at

jinxxxygirl said...

So glad you were able to work out that 'deal' with your daughter.LOL! Sounds like a win/win... Those daffodils are beautiful.. I'am planting some this Fall reguardless if the yard is ready for them.. I'm not waiting another season!! There i said it... now its gotta happen right? Fajita Bowl sounds yummy!! Though i could do without the rice along with tortilla! i wish more places served brown rice.. Happy T day! Hugs! deb

Angie's Recipes said...

That sounds like a great family get-together, Erika. Food looks really good too.

craftytrog said...

Hi Erika. It was a good idea to combine the trips, and lovely for you to have your daughter's company. I'm looking forward to my daughter visiting this weekend.
Food looks delicious btw!

Valerie-Jael said...

Ha, love the star wars pic! Too funny. Your meal and your sweet treat both look very good. Great idea to have a fun day out, eat and get new glasses and visit your Mom. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What gorgeous daffodils! Mine haven't bloomed in years. They need to be replanted, I think.

Wichita has a Sam's and a Costco. Sally has a membership to Sam's and Scott a membership to Costco. Somehow, what is supposed to be wholesale ends up costing me over $100.00 every time I visit Sam's. Glad you and your daughter had a good time together and got to see both your mother and daughter in the same visit. What a GREAT compromise and a win-win for all.

Sorry, I have no idea who Grogu is, but I think it's a great photo.

Your fajita bowl looks great. I would eat that any day. Imagine how surprised I was when I searched for Crumbl cookie to learn Wichita has one and it is near where Sharon lives. Thanks for sharing your daffs, your road trip, and your meal, diet Coke, and Crumbl cookie with us for T this Tuesday, dear friend.

Thanks again for the wonderful gifts. BTW, the room above the garage is my office and where you will find me about 70% of the time. It is where my computer is located, a TV, and a new couch to lounge if I just choose to do that.

CJ Kennedy said...

Sounds like a winner of a day. Visiting with your mom and your daughter, getting errands done, and a smile on the highway. Stay warm and dry today. Happy T Day

Divers and Sundry said...

Your daffodils look cheerful :) Mother used to have a few different kinds, and it's fun to see a variety.

Combining trips sounds like a good plan. I'm unfamiliar with 99, but the food looks good.

Here's me waving at the Mandalorian and Grogu :) We're big fans. Happy T Tuesday!

Lisca said...

Love the daffodils! A sure sign of spring.
You had that perfectly worked out! You spent time with your daughter, visited you mom and bought dog food ( and goodness knows what else…) Absolutely perfect.
Hubby had a turn for the worst in the night and I took him to the emergency department this morning. He has now been admitted. I hope this will result in surgery being sooner, but it could also mean it has become inoperable. ( I’m a nurse and I’m trying to be realistic) Sofar nobody has told me anything.
Happy T- Day,

Let's Art Journal said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure with your daughter! So lovely to see your mum and that Mal looks delicious 😀. Wow, that cookie is huge and sounds yummy but I'm glad I can only have some virtually as I'm trying to watch my! Happy T Day! Hugs Jo x

Empire of the Cat said...

How exciting to have bees. I wanted to get some a few years ago but there was a two year waiting list!!! Your flowers are lovely too, there are lots of daffs around here, most of the farms have them planted along the road and they look so happy. That cookie is huge lol. I could use a costco membership too if it meant cheap glasses. Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Your husband did well in brokering the trip, Erika. Not only did you have a travel companion but your mother was able to visit with two family members at once which I'm sure was appreciated. The daffodils look lovely and hopefully the weather will finally reach more moderate temps. We've had quite enough wind and rain. We know the 99 chain from previous visits. The cookie looked delicious!

DVArtist said...

So nice that the trip worked out with a day with your daughter. I would love that. The flowers are beautiful. Our weather is starting to clear a bit. Most of my garden is getting a very late start. Have a nice day today.

Sharon Madson said...

What a fun post. I loved your story; and know that trip will be a great memory for all three of you. Your mom probably loved having you, and you and your daughter will love looking back at this. It looks like great food, drinks, and dessert, and how funny to have Yoda watching you. Happy T Day!

Iris Flavia said...

Yes, the days rush by - Wednesday already over here! Thank you as always giving Celsius - I will never learn Fahrenheit - or maybe this way I will! 5C right now, brrrr, but even 17 expected, yipeeee.
More bees!!! Great news!!
And beautiful flowers.
Ah, so Costco is like our Metro. But now I need an explanation: Why can Homer Simpson go into there - a joke I didn´t get for years????
Clever combo of visit and glasses. And the food looks yummy! I have not had Mexican food in ages.
LOL. Not into Star Wars but my Teamleader Denmark is called Jabba to friends,like my ESE-teamleader, she understood at once, of course (I was not sure at first giving her greetings from "Jabba" and googled first to write it the correct way as I was told via teams on the headset).
Happy belated T-Day! Hugs.