Friday, November 19, 2010

An Adventure Today

I admit, every day is an adventure, but today is one where I'm going out and about and not staying right near home- taking a personal day at work and going off with my friend Vicky to the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts. Can't wait.  We're going to see the exhibit from the Forbidden City in China, which is really Salem is a neat OLD town and its fun just to get away for a day...I mentally NEED it. I'm hoping this will push me out of my mental slump...the other day at work I was just about having it with frustrations and I sat in a meeting where I realized my frustrations were minor compared to this other group of peoples, and its amazing how that lifted me up and made me feel better about me-but really bad for these people. A little sympathy can show you how blessed you are...a reminder we all need sometimes I guess. Plus its nice not having to rush out to work and deal with all the nit-picky details that seem to be there lately.
So today's card is another of my Christmas ones. The background is a word stamp that arrived in a collection of word stamps I won on eBay. Think may from Stampendous???? I know the Santa and Boy are from Oxford Impressions, its one of my favorite holiday stamps. The tape is ends from some Martha Stewart tape (and it looks like its popping up but its not) and the tag is one I bought and the Love Santa stamp is one of my oldest stamps, bought it back around 1999/2000 when I first got into stamping...but it fits the tag Perfectly. And everything is stamped in red (obviously, eh?)...this card was VERY quick and faily easy.
Got to LOVE it!