Sunday, November 28, 2010

On the Christmas Tree Hunt

Yesterday was one of those GREAT holiday tradition days...we went to cut down our Christmas Tree at the Christmas Tree farm on the top of the ridge here in town. It was a crsip but sunny morning...(later in the day we got a light dusting of snow and sleet) and we had a fun time walking around on the hunt for OUR TREE!

There are SO MANY TREES at the farm.

Sunspots in the camera, but we found the tree
There it is!
Pulling it out!
 They have this tree wrapper that makes your tree thin and wraps it in string so you can move it home easily.
IN it goes!
OUT it comes ready to go home!

So we did put the tree up yesterday afternoon...I'll show you photos tomorrow. We also watched an oldie but goodie movie- National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation-what a LAUGH. The holiday season is rolling in on full swing...Nothing better on a cold weekend late afternoon....I can't believe it is already Sunday afternoon...Katie and I are watching the Santa Claus 3 (we watched 1 on Friday). I'm not sure I'm ready for the big 3 1/2 week push until vacation...till the holidays..its always a busy time...need to finish up my shopping...finish decorating the house...some Sunday we have Dave's office party...its the most wonderful time of the year. In 2 days its will be December...2010 running right on by...winter is approaching...we could get a snowstorm anytime...BUT NO RUSH there on my part. OK, enough of me going on about things...I DO LOVE the holidays in many many ways...
Holly Jolly time!