Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wrapping up November

I'm writing this Monday night. It was a great Monday night- I left work right at 3 on the button and came straight home...haven't been home before 4 in the daylight for ages it seems. Usually seem to be at work trying to get something done, but I wanted to get out in the daylight. So when I got home I  made some cards, made some cookies, now Dave and I are watching the Rocketeer on tv. It was good to get some me time after a weekend with Katie home and all kinds of distractions from me time.
So here's one of my cards...challenged myself to make a holiday card that isn't traditional colors. Pink and bright blue are NOT Christmas colors in my mind, but I am really happy with this card. Its not strictly Christmas, but it is holiday! The inside says Fa-la-la-la-la, so that does make it Christmas.
What do you think?
Anyhow, here's my 2 latest reads. Mentioned before I'm not into fiction lately. I'm enjoying this Rick Steves book, but I must say, its making me want to GO away. And a good knitting book that's not just knitting patterns is fantastic anytime. And I have this thing about retro knitting and stitchery.

Si I can't believe tomorrow is December first and we'll be into the last month of 2010. Where did this year go to?  I'm sure you've heard that before...so not to sound like that cliche...a broken record...do people even say that any more since most people don't do records any longer?
Happy Day to you!