Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time Change

Its going to be DARK SO EARLY today. I love having an extra hour but now we're into the DARK TIME of the year. Hibernation mode, BIG TIME, here I come.
So here's another birthday card I made, though not for anyone in particular. Its just plain old CHEERY!  Cheery is GOOD. That's good. Cake is from Impression Obsession, as are the background dots, the triangle banner is from MSE. not sure who made the Happy Birthday stamp or the blooming birthday circle/postmark.
So my studio is SLOWLY getting clean, yesterday I made 8 Christmas cards...yeah, I have started...and we took a trip to Nashua to hit Costco and Trader Joes. It was fun, except when I got home and Mr. harley had gotten locked into the bathroom-AGAIN_-and ate more of the door.  I just got my bathroom where I wanted it a few months ago...ERRR...but poor puppy dog at the same time.
Today, I'm dragging but want to go back up to the studio for awhile.  I got up and walked this morning-the sun was out then and it felt GREAT. Then I made cream cheese brownies and 2 loafs of pumpkin bread with a recipe I'm trying...Dave is putting the boat into storage up in his mom's driveway...its that TIME of the year. Tomorrow is the last day with my first quarter classes...and we're off Thursday for Veteran's day...I am hanging low that day and playing in the studio...bookclub is Wednesday and I have so much of the book to read... I'm bad.
Happy new week...this one will fly as does November, doesn't it?