Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh No!

 This card could be for lots of things...a belated birthday forgotten, for someone having a bad day...tax season...the wallet after the holidays...I striped the pants on the man as I darkened the jacket...the number paper is 7gypsies, the dots are an EK Success punch. I think this card could use some words, but I'm leaving it blank until I find out what I need the card for. Been into cutting cards to make 1 edge not straight...like the balloons on the birthday card the other day, the bottom here. I purposefully made the line of dots on top NOT straight...kind of goes along with the oh no posture of the guy...like Oh No the dots didn't line up...but seriously, yes I purposefully didn't line up the top dots but I think the card would have been too symmetrical if I had lined them up.
Hope there's some light in your day...man...I feel like I'm in the dark from when I get home, like 4:30 on. Plus, not on the new clock schedule yet...woke up early...(and I get up early as it is) but at least it gave me a chance to get some exam grading done...which feels like such a load off my shoulders. But its dark then too...seems ike it just dark all the time and its not even the shortest day of the year, YET. Makes me want to hibernate...as I've said before...and I'm so looking forward to Thursday...a day to myself...WHAT IS THAT? But first-New kids in 2 of my classes today too...keep your fingers crossed they're good classes and not too crazy!