Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Beautiful Day Again!

Another beautiful day- oh I LOVE it! Nothing like this Thomas Kinkade Christmas card I made. The sparkling snow didn't quite show up here, but that's ok, not a day for sparkling snow! (A day for raking some more and getting out into the heal my body which seems to be having issues all fall...nothing major but just inconveniences. Think its just me NEEDING sunshine! and fresh air!)
So this card is one of CHF stamps stamped on white with artprint brown ink...then lightly stippled with colored ink, the snow lightly sparkled with a glitter pen, the light colored with Copics, the brown photopgraphy stamp by Crafty Secrets and the holiday word also by CHF. This is trimmed to look like an old photo and then mounted on gold foil cardstock by American Crafts and then mounted on the same company's reddish/brown card stock. I like this card...its very basic...not sure it even looks homemade...but it is and I love it.
So last night I did go to dinner with friends and then had a major FLAT tired on the way home...luckily Sears was open to put my spare on for me since I could barely drive anyplace it was losing air SOOOOOO fast. And tonight we have the UNH hockey game against UMASS...gonna be hard to root for UNH since they are my school's rival...but I think I can do it since I did go to grad school there and we're paying Katie's tuition to go there. Will be FUN!