Saturday, November 27, 2010


So yesterday was a rather quiet day, which I needed. Made some homemade turkey soup from the Thanksgiving turkey (thanks to Linda my sister-in-law for donating her turkey remains), did a FEW small chores, took out the Christmas boxes from the attic, watched some tv, read, spent about an hour in the studio, went out to dinner...MY KIND OF DAY! Especially after such a busy week...I needed the down time to get the batteries up...and today I feel much more ambitous and perky...helps the sun is out too. We're going to cut our tree today...not sure if we'll get it up since Katie has friend plans at 4 and she wants to help put up the tree, which she should...but if it doesn't go up today we'll put it up tomorrow morning.
Today's photo is one I took Wednesday at Old Navy. Think its fun and frivolous...
 Ande below in this second photo is a Christmas card I made awhile back. Stamps are all Martha Stewart except the postage mark which is by Paper Artsy...I stamped the tree in green and used sparkley green embossing powder on it and then ligtly inked the back with green ink. The snowflakes are using Champagne Versamark in the background. The Merry Christmas is Martha Stewart is the cheerboard tape at the bottom, and I punched the bottom of the card with a Fiskars border punch (there is green paper overlapped the bottom of the card that is punched, its not the card itself actually punched to tell the truth). And lastly, I put on some TINY vintage green ric-rac-I LOVE RIC-RAC that I found at a yardsale here in my town a few years back...that yardsale was some guy cleaning out his Mom's craft stash after she passed away and I got SOOOO much great old stuff like trim and fabric for $20. It was a steal, really, but he was glad to be rid of it all.
Happy Saturday All!