Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Its Another Day

Its another day...even though its actually Monday night and I'm all alone, with a tongue and jaw that's still numb-had my tooth refilled-YAHOO! Hopefully all will go well...but found out I have an extra root-makes me unusual I guess-and the endodontist was behind having 5 emergencies  so got out of there LATE and by the time I drove home...ok, I'm complaining. Watching the recorded Ghost Hunters live Halloween show...feeling like I should be up in the studio doing some more cleaning but I must give myself permission to relax (as I did yesterday afternoon)...no sense getting too beat before its even mid-week. Plus, I am tired so when you start making art or cleaning and you're tired...it just doesn't work.Causes frustrations.  Does this sound like an excuse or what?
So this card is a recent one...the woman is Oxford Impression, colored with Copics and then distressed with some brown ink. I doodled the frame with back Sharpie, but I do love it. The pink background is distressed and stamped with brown flowers by B Line. There's punched Martha Stewart lace (with a ribbon down the middle of it) and the velvet leaves with a white Prima flower with a fleur de lyse brad-then they are "inked" with Viva metallic rub. Love how this card came out...every now and then I do get into a romantic kind of mood. Have a good day mates! (But I'm not Australian, am I?)