Monday, November 1, 2010

New Month, New Week, New Day

And the last rose of the season. The cold has returned...chilly day ahead. Hopefully, a week a little less stressful and busy, exams start on Friday so it means the quarter is wrapping classes next week and a day off next week...before you know it, it will be Thanksgiving. I am ready. November is always a mellow month compared to the crazies of October and then the super-crazies of December.
Dave is off this morning for a conference until Wednesday which means I'm here on my own...that's ok. I must say it was a good weekend, busy with the birthdays, going to a movie, and yesterday I went into a force chill down day...started cleaning my studio but then saw that Ghost Hunters was on all afternoon, and that lead to a nap which took me right until the Pats game and me needing to grade labs...but we had take out pizza for dinner and it was REALLY relaxing. Did do a good bit of my studio though and its NOT going anywhere.  Dave closed the screen porch up too this weekend, which is aways SAD, but its that time of year AGAIN...can't say I look forward to winter...I'm not a winter gal. But I do like November...I like how its quiet, and it is QUIET.
 So here's a couple of snaps of SOME of the leaves now littering my yard...I think there's more than when I took this shot back at the end of last...I need to find a non-windy day and start my raking.