Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good morning

This is not the kind of weather we are having right now...its a chilly morning but sunny and not horrible for mid-November. I love these Animal Spirit stamps...I ordered a few more that are lfet from the Stampin Treasures closing sale now that stamps are marked down 33%- there's a few more I'd like but they were sold out...but that's ok. This one is the cool polar bear...filled with arctic animals.  Takes awhile to color these but if you love to color...and the Copics give them a great look. To make this card I stamped white snowflakes and added some torn white paper for snow at the bottom. I darkened the horizon with navy blue ink and then after I added the bear I added some goldish glitter. The words I think are Amuse...old stamps. The Brr is a stamp by itself and the winter comes from one that says Happy Winter and I cut off the happy.
So yesterday was a great nice out I even opened a few windows for a bit. (Yes, in the low 60's which felt so warm...but since its November and the shadows fall so early the open windows only lasted a few hours). I raked about a million oak  leaves out of my backyard, and then Dave took the lawn mower over the few I one point I had a wall about 2 1/2 feet tall about 15 feet long of leaves before they got raked into the woods. I made a stack of Christmas cards...need to photograph them...and last night we all went to the UNH/UMASS hockey game. Was a great can't beat Hockey East for GREAT hockey...though  have to admit it was strange to root for UNH since they are Maine's #1 rival and since I went to college at Maine I am a HUGE Maine fan. But I did say I enjoyed it a lot. Took some getting used to rooting for my rival team but then I kind of fell into the swing of it...I did got to UNH for grad school so its not like I have no connection- and I do pay Katie's tuition to go there...anyhow...was a lot of fun. Today, want a mellow Sunday with some art and maybe a walk...want to end this weekend feeling mellow and relaxed before another week of adventure begins (and seems I'm having all kind of adventures lately, aren't I?)
Happy New Week!