Friday, November 12, 2010

Yeah its Friday

It was a great-a day off-beautiful weather, sunny, nice out...made a bunch of Christmas cards, took a walk, went out and raked...I thoroughly enjoyed my day once I got over my panic that I was having a heart attack...its very scary to have those kind of symptoms and to pass out too like I did on Wed. evening...but that is over now- I hope and now its Friday...just 1 day so it won't be bad. November is great like this-not an endless stretch of work days...lots of broken up weeks. Next Friday I'm taking a personal day and going out to a museum with a friend...I need a day out and away...and tonight I'm suppose to be going out this evening for dinner with a couple of friends...but right now I am TIRED. Time to wake up kiddo.
I love this card. The saying is Rubber Soul, the flower is actually a Basic Grey sticker and the bee is an Animal Spirit stamp, colored, glued to black paper and then trimmed and put on the card. The black edge makes it stand out. I bought a bunch of these animal spirit stamps from Stampin Treasures who are going out of business and things are marked down a lot.
Happy Friday- hopes its as beautiful where you are as its suppose to be here!