Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grunge Holiday

 Above here's my original card which I made on Saturday. Liked it but it needed something. Stamps are by Darcies except the saying which is CHF.
So here's what I think it needed...a little glitter on the plain red poinsettas. Berries on the holly leaves.  Restamped the Merry and Bright and embossed with some red sparkley and then added the oval which is from a set of 7Gypsies oval stamps.I made 4 of these cards, on my way to getting my holiday cards done. I really like the red berries. Not sure about the snowflakes...maybe the flowers need some "snow" too, but much can you do? You got to know when to stop, don't you? So what do you think?
So last night I was BEAT! Rainy night after the first day of new quarter classes, my feet were killing schedule at school and I had National Honor Society Meeting all lunch so I didn't even eat lunch until 2:45. Plus, 2 new classes and new kids...not knowing them...its always a bit stressful. I was HOPING to come home and play in the studio...but I fell asleep and had more interest in the tv...still had exams to grade...did I do them????NO. But today's another busy day and hopefully they'll all get I can enjoy my day off tomorrow...
Hopefully today we'll see some SUN...haven't seen much of that for a lot of days now. It is suppose to be a bit warmer...yes!!!! Tonight is book club...not that I got very far in the book...and tomorrow...hopefully some sun...some studio time...some raking of the millions of leaves in the yard...I can't wait.