Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

 Scenes from our family Thanksgiving at my brother's house down in Massachusetts. We traveled down for the day yesterday, and it was a great day out...too much food, lots of laughs, great company, love, all those things about a family get together on Thanksgiving.
Above, poor Harley tied outside.
My brother, exhausted on the couch.
My brother's dog Lexi hoping to mooch some turkey as Dave carved it. (And she got some too because my hubby is such a softy.)
Katie and her boyfriend Brian who came with us since his family had to travel out to Ohio for a family emergency on his Mom's side.
My beautiful college daughter!
Dave, my niece Julie and Katie at the table.
My nephew Josh and Brian at the table.
Below, Josh and my Mom waiting for dinner-of course Mom always moves her head.
Food ready for serving.
Drinks, ready for serving.
Here's my yummy food. Makes you feel a bit guility with all the world's starving people, and never mind those in this country who don't have much. We are truly blessed.
And a nice side view of my mom, though the rest of the photo isn't much.
So that was yesterday, and today, its grey and icy and wet and just plain YUKKY I thought about going down to my art store in Massachusetts for their Black Friday sale but after driving so much yesterday and the grey and icey morning, decided to stay home and do some Black Friday shopping on the Frantic Stamper website- which was great since I didn't need to rush to shower and could do it in my pjs with a cup of Trader Joe's Black Tea with Vanilla. Also, got the turkey carcase from my sister-in-law as she was going to trash it and I'm cooking it down right now and the house smells yummy...some great soup on the way there. Plus, not rushing out as Katie and I went shopping Wednesday afternoon when I got out of school and we had a successful day- lots of sales already up and its not very crowded...can't beat it.
So we might go get our Christmas Tree this afternoon, see how this weather goes...we're now officially into the holiday season...Got to love it! Hopefully will get into the studio and can RELAX and finish reading my book too...Love this long weekend! Hope you're enjoying yours too if you're in the US and if not, hope you're weekend starting soon is great also.
Happy Day!