Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Books

I haven't read much fiction this fall...not really in the mindset for that, but here's a bunch of other books I have been reading.
This book is A++++++ fantastic. I love style/mixed media/cultural motifs and the art in here is great. It was pricey, but I love celtic, viking, etc. so it was worth it to me.
 Now I want to knit some awesome socks!
 Time to get out the sketchbook.
 I have been cooking a bit this fall. This weekend going to try out the frozen cream cheese brownies.
 Great sweaters- take it from a native New Englander.
 haven't read any yet, but I love Agatha Christie. I think I've read all or just about all of her novels.
At first glance, not so sure about this book. I ordered it off Amazon and hoped for more visual pages. BUT I will admit I haven't read any of it it so I'm not going to make judgements yet!