Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Thankfullness

I ordered this book off of Amazon since it was half the price  than at the store...and last evening in the DARKNESS at the end of a long damp and dreary day, I sat on the couch with a cup of tea and dreamed about places I want to go and have been. It brightened up the grey and black of the day.
So I am thankful for 7-DREAMS- because life would be pretty grey and dark without them
8- I am also thankful for LUCK. Yesterday morning I turned my ankle and fell down the last three of my cellar stairs. All I could think of in panicked tumble was people die falling down the stairs. I got up and walked away. When I passed out at book club a few weeks back I kept thinking I'm having a heart attack. And I didn't. A EKG showed my heart is good...(knock on wood, me being superstitious.) I was lucky that all that happened in my fall was some stiffness and slightly scraped knee and in my passing out I was able to get past it, quickly. Without LUCK, who knows where any of us would be-and I don't mean luck winning something either...there's way more forms of LUCK than that.
9- And  today I am thankful for CONNECTIONS. Between me and people, being able to talk and hug and touch. Between me and animals- having them sit with me right now and get up with me in the morning and go for a walk with me, garden with me and sit in my studio while I work. Without CONNECTIONS what would we have or be?
10- And I want to add my Grandmother, as today is her birthday. She would have been 101 years old, as she was born on 11/23/1909. I love you Nana and miss you, you were the woman I looked up to the most (along with Mom) but you were steady and I could make sense of you and you helped when things with Mom got tough...and you are the one woman I want to be like...so also, I am thankful for my ANCESTORS- not that Nana is really an ancestor, but for those family members who make us who we are and what we are today.