Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Home for the Holidays

Even with the crooked silver strip, I LOVE this card. Its me challenging myself to make a Christmas card from a non-Christmas stamp. I used a Paper Arsty stamp which I added a chimney one must have a chimney for Christmas so Santa can arrive, right? I also wanted to roof to be lighter so you could still easily read the words. The background is Hero Arts snow background embossed in white, with a bit of smoke added with black ink because of course its that chimney again, keeping the house warm with a nice toasty fire.
So yesterday I went to the drs to get checked up after my near fainting incident last week, they couldn't see anything wrong, and today I go get the start of the crown on my tooth where I had a root canal. Putting myself back together, I guess. It looks like another dark day here in NH, always dark it seems lately...all I want to do is SLEEP. Kind of a waste of life...but that's hibernation for you. Two more days this week too, since Friday I am off on a grand adventure, which I cannot WAIT for. Today the kids come in with shorter classes this shouldn't be such a bad day- I hope, except to get my tooth drilled of course. Plus its POURING right now...looks like another grey day...but maybe it will keep those little buggers at school mellow...I need a mellow day but don't know if that can happen!
So smile and put yourself back together...enjoy this mid-week day. (Good advice for myself to listen to I think.)